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Dining Experience

Let me welcome you into my home to share with you some of my favourite Irish recipes, where we will make Irish soda bread, a heart-warming soup, a rich beef casserole and a Jameson Irish coffee to finish.

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Fáilte to Ireland

Irish food is known for the quality and freshness of it's ingredients. Most of our cooking is done without herbs or spices, except for salt and pepper.

The staples of the Irish diet have traditionally been potatoes, grains and dairy products. Potatoes still appear at most Irish meals and other root vegetables such as carrots, turnips and onions are eaten regularly.

Soups of all types, seafood and meats also play important roles in our diet. Irish soups are thick, hearty and filling with potatoes, seafood and various meats being common ingredients.

Since Ireland is surrounded by water, we enjoy many types of seafood including salmon, scallops, lobster, mussels and oysters.

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What we'll do!

I would love to invite you into my home to share with you some of my food, my stories and my culture.

Together we will make Irish soda bread, a heart warming soup, a Beef and Guinness casserole and Colcannon.

Then when everyone is sitting down to dinner we will have some craic (Craic in Ireland means good fun, music and conversation!). After dinner I will show you how to make your own Irish Coffee and being a true Blue I will be at hand to give you information and advice on my city so that you get the most and the best out of your stay in Dublin.

By the end of the evening you will have made new friends and will have experienced a genuine Irish welcome which I hope will be one of your lasting memories of your time in Ireland.

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Dining Experience: About

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