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Ann is a wonderful hostess! Our family came to Ireland with four kids (age 8-14) and grandparents. Ann graciously agreed to accommodate the 8 of us for an evening of cooking and Craic.

The kids were each given a dish they were able to help make under her patient guidance. She went out of her way to include them! After dinner, Ann gave us a lesson in Irish dancing, which made for some good laughs. : -) Her husband was home for part of the evening and was also very welcoming. We enjoyed his conversation and appreciate all the photos he took!

We would highly recommend an evening with Ann! Thank you for a most memorable evening!!



An authentic Irish meal with good friends; that’s what this experience feels like from the moment you walk into Ann’s beautiful home.

The food is fantastic and the genuine company is even better. If you have kids, don’t be afraid to ask Ann if they can join, too. Our son is 13 and our daughter is 11 and both of them had a wonderful time. Ann is great with kids, as is their family dog.

On top of it all we have new friends from Prague, Florida and Dublin. Book now! You won’t be disappointed.



One of the best experiences we’ve had in Ireland! Ann was an amazing host with great stories and great knowledge!

The food was delicious but the company was even better!! Sitting around while learning about the food and talking with the other guests was a pleasure! Everyone had a chance to participate in some part of the evening.

I would recommend this experience to anyone!

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A unique evening with a personal touch while cooking beef stew, potatoes and kale, leak and potatoes soup, and Irish soda bread and finished with Irish coffee and a little extra Irish specialty cheeses.

We met new friends from New Zealand, Texas, California, and Ireland. Special thanks to our host Ann and Carrine for an amazing night!

Thanks for teaching us about the authentic dishes complete with a little cookbook to take home! Ann opened her beautiful home and hospitality to all of and showed us the “love” of cooking!

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