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The Bloody Stream - Howth

In the heart of the picturesque town of Howth and its impressive harbor is The Bloody Stream. It is one of North Dublin,s most atmospheric bars and is very popular with locals and the many tourists who come to Howth to walk along the head and enjoy the charm of this fishing village.

The Bloody Stream is named in honour of The Bloody Stream over which it is built. In August 1177, during the second Norman invasion, a heavy battle took place near here between the forces of Sir Almeric Tristram (said to have been a descendent of one of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table ) and the Danes. Inevitably blood was shed, some of which found its way into the little stream that has been known as “The Bloody Stream” ever since.

If you are a fan of traditional Irish, Jazz, Blues or mainstream music this venue always has something to offer. I really hope it will be open again soon so I can enjoy the open turf burning fireplace on a chilly day or the beautiful beer garden if the sun is shining ! Preferably the latter ..

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