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The Swan Pub – Aungier Street, Dublin

There has been a continuous licence on or close to this site since 1661 ! I wonder how many pints have been served here over the centuries ? It attracts many rugby fans, reason being that the owner, Sean Lynch is a former International Rugby Union player. He was capped 15 times for Ireland and toured New Zealand with the British and Irish Lions in 1971. His jerseys hang on the wall and there is also a bust in honour of his achievements. It has also played a part in Dublin’s history. It was occupied by rebels during the 1916 Easter Rising and during the War of Independence.and still bears the scars, with bullet hole pockmarks on the front of the building. Another piece of history is down in the depths of the cellar, where there is a bottling machine. Many years ago, pubs bottled their own beer and had their own labels. It is not in use anymore but I imagine it would be an interesting feature if it was displayed in the bar. The bar itself is a beautiful Victorian showcase, well worth a visit.

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