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Dublin Pubs- A Walk Down Memory Lane - Fallon's Pub, The Coombe

The Liberties may have changed over the years, but one constant has remained: Fallon’s. Threatened on a couple of occasions by new road schemes this beloved old relic of a pub has existed in one form or another since the 1600s and continues to be regarded as one of the top spots in the city for a pint of plain. The secret to this is, according to the current owner – “ It’s a very short draw from the keg .“ The pub is up to it’s ears in history. Records put the pub at four hundred years old, which explains the reference to 1620 on the shopfront. A Dutch Billy chimney was recently uncovered at the back of the bar when the rest of the block was knocked. The external brickwork is Georgian and some of the interiors, including the back bar, date back to the 1880s. It’s most famous owner was Dan Donnelly, a prize fighting champion. Back then it was known as The Capstan Bar. Mr Donnelly pulled pints here in 1818. He was a fine boxer but not the best publican as he drank as many pints as he pulled. He was the only boxer ever to be knighted so he is remembered more for putting up a good fight than a good pint ! Fallon’s is small and intimate. If nature calls you have to squeeze your way to the loo and on your way meet some of the characters that frequent it. There is no music and only on very special occasions is the television turned on. A culinary heaven it is not – but a good auld doorstop of a cut batch sandwich is on offer to line the belly that is waiting for a pint of the good stuff ! Not far from St Patrick’s Cathedral, this should be on your pub bucket visit list for sure …

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