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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane, Bruxelle's, Harry's Street

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - Bruxelle's, Harry's Lane

Any fan of Irish rock music and Thin Lizzy will know Bruxelle's ! Just a step away from Grafton Street, this stunning red brick Victorian building with the eye catching corner turret and gothic inspired windows was and still is the place to go.

Formally owned by the J.P Mooney group - whose pubs where generally named after the streets they were located on such as The Parnell Mooney, The Abbey Mooney and The Baggot Mooney - The Grafton Mooney, moved with the times in the 1960's and changed it's name to The Zodiac Bar. Behind the bar you can still see the tiled mosaic representing the star signs, over 130 years old ! The new trend was The Cocktail Lounge, appealing to the ladies who were now appearing on the social drinking scene. The Evening Herald reviewed it saying that " Frivolous, flighty and featherbrained creatures often encountered in American social life " frequented the venue. I don't think that would go down to well these days !! Again in 1973 it changed it's name to Bruxelle's to mark Ireland joining the E.E.C - The European Economic Community. To date the flags of all the member states of the European Union hang from the ceiling in the main bar, baffling our American visitors when they cannot locate their stars and stripes ! It became a second home to Thin Lizzy and as a tribute to Phil Lynott, a sculpture was erected in 2005 in his memory. Musicians place their plectrums by his guitar to acknowledge that The Boy is Back in Town and memorabilia donated by his late mother, Philomena, adorn the walls. Now in the hands of another chain, The Louis Fitzgerald group, lets hope they will not make too many changes. The Egan family ran a tight ship and a formidable bar which brings back memories to one and all.

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