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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - Ryan's of Park Gate Street

How fortunate are we that we have preserved some of our culture and didn't lose the plot totally during the times of the Celtic Tiger ... yet again another original Victorian public house that still stands close to the gates of the Phoenix Park. Dating back to 1896, with stunning oak and mahogany bars and all the other amazing features that marked this period, this is another little legend. Old gas lamps, brass foot rails, tobacco drawers and snugs with little bells for summoning the barmen. Those were the crazy old days when ladies where not allowed in the main bar and were hidden away in the snugs. Access was controlled by the barmen who released a latch on the bar side of the door and they would never serve a lady a pint !!! The best snug or booth of all was for the owner - Willie " Bongo " Ryan, this is where he sat taking the money in. The endless mirrors beat CCTV hands down as he was able to monitor every little nook and cranny of his bar and who was coming and going. Story has it that one group of Americans arrived in on Blooms Day, three sheets to the wind and he told them they were barred before they even set foot across the threshold. They said they were celebrating James Joyce and he bellowed back" He's barred too !!! "

Bongo was a bit of a character, one of the many that added to the colour of Dublin and rightly deserves to be remembered with all due respect. Raise a glass to him next time you visit Ryan's and hopefully that will be soon ...

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