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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - The Blue Light

Located in the small village of Barnacullia, at the foot of the Dublin mountains, this pub has unrivalled views of Dublin Bay and the city. Another oldie, dating back over 300 years, it is built from hand cut granite from the local quarries, the same stone used to build some of Dublin's finest buildings and churches. Back in the 1700's it was frequented by the local quarrymen. No different from today, taxes on imported spirits was high so the locals found a solution. The coast at the time was patrolled for smugglers, and with the perfect view, a blue ship's lantern was lit from the pub to announce when the guards had taken their break and the coast was clear. The smugglers would then make their way to Killiney, off load their contraband and head up the mountains to Barnacullia and then the party would start ! To this day, the blue light is lit to welcome visitors who make their way here from all over Dublin to enjoy turf fires, live music, craic and banter ...

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