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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - The Ha'penny Bridge Inn

Built in 1816, the Ha'penny Bridge is one of the oldest cast iron bridges in the world. Way back then the only way to cross the Liffey was by ferry. William Nash had seven of them but they were in a bad state and he was advised to repair them or build a bridge. He built the bridge and had a contract to place turnstiles at both ends for 100 years, charging a half a penny to cross. Today an average of 30,000 people cross the bridge daily ! A perfect view of the bridge can be seen from the first floor of The Ha'penny Bridge Inn. This pub was once owned by Joseph Locke, the famous Irish tenor, who lived upstairs in one of the apartments in the 1960's and it was a frequent haunt of Phil Lynott and his Thin Lizzy bandmates. Now owned by the Ryan family it is one of the few remaining family run pubs in Temple Bar and offers live music sessions every evening . And if you want to add a bit of Irish wit and humour to your evening it also hosts a comedy club ! While I'm not a big fan of Temple Bar this is one of my favourites ..

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