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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - The International, Wicklow Street

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Owned by the O'Donohue family since 1886 this makes The International Dublin's oldest family run bar. It was mentioned in James Joyce's Ulysses as Ruggy O'Donohues when tradition was to refer to the pub by the name of the license holder. The International, it is a great old style pub popular with locals and tourists alike. Here you will find real Irish people happy to tell you a story over a pint of whatever takes your fancy. It still retains it's Victorian decor with a unique carving of Ireland's river gods behind a well polished pink granite bar and a mosaic of the family crest inlaid on the floor as you enter. Host to impromptu music sessions, poetry readings, theatre presentations and a Comedy Club upstairs, this is the home of emerging Irish comic talent where many of our famous comedians got their first laughs, including Tommy Tiernan, Des Bishop and Ardal O'Hanlan.

Sadly still closed due to Covid, it will open it's doors again soon and will bring us lots more laughter.

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