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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - The Morgue, Templeogue

My last post on The Dropping Well prompted memories of another pub with a similar sombre history. John Doran, Michael Mac Sharry and Nigel Boucher ... Slainte, this one's for you !

Formally known as the Templeogue Inn, The Morgue was licensed as a public house in 1848. Part of the duties under the license was to provide public services. In those days Templeogue was in the countryside and if anyone died in the area the bodies would be left in the pub until a coroner, priest or constable could examine it. In the days before refrigeration, beer cellars would provide perfect cold storage service.... It got somewhat busier when in 1888 the Dublin Blessington Steam Tram opened and the pub became a ticket office. Unfortunately the tram ran only two feet from the front door of the pub and on several occasions patrons would leave a bit worst for wear, get knocked down and their bodies would be brought straight back in, a sobering thought but too late for those poor souls. For obvious reasons it was renamed The Morgue but believe me it's full of life now !

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