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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - The Old Stand, Exchequer Street

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

In Ireland we have a habit of giving directions by way of using a pub or a church ... more often than not a pub ! Any true Blue will know where the Old Stand is... Situated on the corner of Exchequer Street and Andrew Street, there has been a tavern of some sort for over three hundred years on that site. Both were old Medieval streets, Andrew Street being the most important as it ran from the site of the old Viking Parliament. Back in those days one of the earliest patrons was a gentleman called John Traverse, who was probably one of the first comedians. He was a lame cobbler who ran a shoe stall on Exchequer Street. He entertained his customers by day with his wit and humour and moved on then to the tavern in the evening. A character by the sounds of things and one among many who have frequented the Old Stand over the years I'd say ! The name came from a rugby stand in the Old Landsdowne Road Stadium, since demolished and replaced by the Aviva . Always popular for rugby supporters and those who like a flutter on the horses. And always top class service from the Doran brothers, true gentlemen.

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