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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - The Oval, Middle Abbey Street

Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - The Oval, Middle Abbey Street

Established in 1822, The Oval is coming up to the Big 200 and I hope to be around to celebrate that birthday party ! Hard to keep this pub's story short, I will have to fast forward 94 years to 1916. On Easter Monday, April 24th, The Irish Volunteers captured the nearby GPO and proclaimed the Irish Republic. The following week brought death, destruction and devastation to our beautiful city and sadly The Oval Bar was not spared. Abbey Street and Sackville Street ( now O'Connell Street ) were left smouldering and in ruins. Thanks to John J. Egan, The Oval, was rebuilt and reopened in 1922, only to close again when the Civil War erupted. John retained ownership for 50 years and remained working in The Oval until 1966. He was there to celebrate the 50th year of The Easter Rising and I'm sure had lots of stories to share. The Centennial in 2016 was celebrated with the ceremony it so deserved and The Oval was very much a part of the story. Another beautiful Victorian building with lovely interiors. Find a little seat at one of the bay windows, the centre one is my favourite ..

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