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Dublin Pubs - Bobby's Lounge ( Tommy O'Gara's ) Stoneybatter

Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - Bobby's Lounge

( Tommy O'Gara's ), Stoneybatter

When I recently posted a piece about "The Big Tree " with a photo of Richard O'Reilly I received a message from his niece Bernie O'Reilly who was inspired to write about her dad Bobby. Now Tommy O'Gara's in Stoneybatter, it was previously owned by her father and was called ""Bobby's Lounge ".

" In 1968 my dad bought a pub in Stoneybatter called McGlynns, this was typical of the time - a man's pub. Women drank in the snugs hidden away. My dad refurbished the whole place and made it into a very comfortable lounge where women could now dress up and go out for a night out with their husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends - a big breakthrough at the time. He also introduced soup and sandwiches which was unheard of back then, a year later in 1969 he started serving plated meals bought in of course and heated in a microwave, yes a microwave back in 1969 ! Thanks for sharing your memories Bernie, your dad and uncle were obviously great publicans and served their clients well I'm sure ..

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