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Dublin Pubs - Johnnie Foxe's, Glenccullen, Dublin Mountains

First and foremost, I am not going to claim that this is the highest pub in Ireland ... I nearly lost my life by claiming that The Brazen Head was the oldest ... so I am not going there !! This incredible pub is located on top of the Dublin Mountains in the village of Glencullen. Enough said ... anyone who has been there has to agree that it is a very special place to visit. Over 200 years old and originally an old farm holding, it still retains it's original character. Thanks to the donations of many Irish people who wanted to find a proper home for their antiques and memorabilia, this is like taking a step back in time. Along with the contents in the pub itself, there are also two mini museums, in the original pig sheds, with farming implements on show and one very unique artefact, a cast iron famine pot that would have fed 800 people each day. The list of famous people who have crossed the door is a long one and there are photos galore to prove it. A bit of a haul to get there but definitely worth a visit. I know at the moment we are all dying for a pint, but one Mr Patrick Gaffney did literally die to get into Johnnie Foxe's. He died in 1997 and his last wishes were that some of his ashes be interred in the walls ... the owners were happy to fulfil his final wish. Long live Johnnie Foxe's, one I always share with my visitors ..

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