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Dublin's Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane- The Confession Box, Marlborough Street

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I love this little pub, not known to many, located off the main street of Dublin city - O'Connell Street. It is called" The Confession Box " situated on Marlborough Street .. a quirky little pub with a well maintained Victorian front, serves a great pint of Guinness and has entertaining music sessions with lots of the locals partaking... some of who can sing and some who

can't !! Located close to St Mary's Cathedral, otherwise known as the Pro Cathedral, it was originally called "The Maid of Erin".The story has it that during the War of Independence( 1919-1921) kindly and sympathetic priests from the nearby cathedral used the pub as a venue to give Holy Communion and hear the confessions of the rebel fighters, one of them being Michael Collins. This gave rise to it's current name - "The Confession Box". There is great deal of memorabilia adorning the walls of the pub from that period with The Big Fella aka Michael Collins the main feature. Here you are guaranteed a great pint and no penance ! You may pay for your sins the next morning though !!

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