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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane - The Palace Bar, Fleet Street

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Owned by the Editor of the Irish Times back in the 1940's this was the haunt of journalists and correspondents of Dublin's three daily newspapers for many years. Also frequented by such greats as Brendan Behan, Flan O'Brien, Con Houlihan and Patrick Kavanagh, four bronze plinths are set in stone on the path outside the bar in their memory. Patrick Kavanagh once said that when he first came to Dublin in 1939 he thought the Palace the most wonderful temple of art. Many artists exhibited and sold their art from the back bar, the most esteemed Harry Kernoff among them. Some of his original pieces adorn the walls as does a print of his work " A Bird Never Flew on One Wing " which is believed to have sold for a tenner in The Palace and sold in 2008 for twenty five thousand Euros !!! Interesting too, the character of Mr Spock from Star Trek is said to have been inspired by the same painting, see below, not sure if I see the likeness but it makes for a good story !!! When you visit the back bar make sure to check out Harry Clarke's stained glass skylight and relax in this iconic bar that remains much the same as if was almost two hundred years ago !!

Nice message from the publican to his patrons.

Harry Kernoff's " A Bird Never Flew on One Wing "

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