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The Bank Bar, College Green.

Originally a bank, it was built in 1895, at the height of Victorian opulence.The interior, which was once the main banking hall, is a stunning example of merchant power. When it was converted into a pub in 2003 the ornate setting and unique features were all preserved, a stained glass ceiling, mosaic tiled floors, spectacular hand carved plasterwork and marble columns with gold leaf design. Downstairs the original Chatwood safes were retained as a museum-type feature. When you walk up the steps you are greeted by a life sized statue of of Con Houlihan, one of Ireland’s famous sports journalists. He was fond of a pint and was no stranger to the pubs of Dublin, rest his soul. He would have found the current situation hard going I’m sure .. My pub bucket list is getting longer by the minute, as soon as they reopen I will make sure to visit all the pubs I have featured … over a period of time of course !!

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