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Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane -The Horseshoe Bar, The Shelbourne Hotel.

Dublin Pubs - A Walk Down Memory Lane, The Horseshoe Bar, The Shelbourne Hotel

Located in The Shelbourne Hotel on St Stephen’s Green, The Horseshoe Bar is a true Dublin landmark. Over the decades it has been a favourite haunt for famous faces and well heeled society folk, a meeting point for politicians and journalists, sportsmen and movie stars, visiting dignitaries and local personalities. The bar’s name comes from the shape of it’s counter but it also has a long association with the racing set who would have sat around discussing the form and no doubt placing a few bets with each other. It really is a classy institution, with a pricey drinks menu but if you fancy a bit of a treat order a Black Velvet Cocktail, Champagne and Guinness which is said to have been created in The Horseshoe Bar. I don't frequent it too often, it's a bit too posh for me !!

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