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The Pearl Bar, Dolier Street, Dublin.

The chosen watering hole of writers and journalists since the 1940s, called time in 1973 and was bulldozed to the ground to make way for a bank. In fact the building and those either side of it remained empty for many years when AIB moved to Ballsbridge, so who knows it could still be there … Sadly as one reporter said “ Bulldozers show no sentiment “ .. The proximity of The Pearl on Fleet Street to the Irish Times meant it was a popular hangout for newspapermen. The walls were covered with caricatures of newspapermen, editors, reporters and literary figures who frequented the bar. It was here that journalists met, stories broke, and reputations were made and sometimes ruined. And story has it that it was the scene of some monumental rows … Rumour has it that Patrick Kavanagh was once dangled by the ankles from a window above The Pearl Bar by Brendan Behan. Maybe after that episode Kavanagh tired of the clientele and wrote of them – “Paddy Whiskey, Rum and Gin, Paddy Three Sheets to the wind, Paddy of the Celtic Mist, Paddy Connemara West..” While the clientele was predominantly men, Maeve Binchy and Nell McCafferty both frequented. Maeve Binchy had been working at The Irish Times for four years and claims to have visited The Pearl around twice a day, every day since she started. Anticipating the closure of The Pearl, Maeve says that it would be a good idea if they all went back to work. Wouldn’t it be great if our barmen could go back to work soon …

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